Jeff Wofford Company: Able Services

Jeff Wofford

Finalist, Non-Public Company

Jeff Wofford has more than 30 years of professional experience with a proven track record of adding value and making positive changes in a variety of industries.  He has been involved with companies that have ranged in size from 50 million to several billion dollars in revenue.  Jeff joined Able in November of 2011, and has guided the company through tremendous growth, with Able doubling in size since he joined the company.  Able’s revenue is more than a billion dollars, employing approximately 17,000 people across 46 states.

Prior to joining Able, Jeff was the CFO for Pacific Child and Family Associates, a startup company that utilized a state of the art technique in the treatment of children afflicted with autism and related disorders. He installed a new ERP, brought the company to GAAP compliance, completed three acquisitions and, together with the owner, sold a majority interest to a private equity firm.  Previously, Jeff was the CFO for Consolidated Electrical Distributors, a multi-billion dollar firm.  As CFO, he conducted due diligence and negotiations on more than 50 potential acquisitions, completing 19 within a three year time period, the largest one was a $750 million company.  Prior to CED, Jeff was part of the team that converted Blue Cross of California (BCC) to for-profit status, the first “Blue Plan” to do so, and then was part of the team to IPO BCC, again, the first Blue Plan to do so.  After the IPO, BCC became WellPoint, which is now known as Anthem, which is 33rd on the 2016 Fortune 500 list.  While at WellPoint, Jeff was the CFO for Blue Cross of California.  In each company where he has worked, Jeff has installed business systems and processes which have fundamentally transformed the business, resulting in highly scalable processes which are able to support high levels of growth.

As an acknowledged leader and a technical expert, Jeff has taught accounting at the college level, spoken at many conferences, and testified in court as an expert witness. Jeff is a CPA, CMA, and CGMA.  He earned a BS in Marine Biology and an MBA in Accounting from the California State University, Long Beach and an MS in Finance from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.