Realizing his academic dreams, Elbert’s Story

Due to the generosity of Larkin Street Youth Services I have been afforded the opportunity to pursue as well as excel in my collegiate career. Before entering the programs at Larkin Street, I had been in a rehab facility and not had my family to support me because of my sexual orientation. Because of my families misunderstanding of who I am I had to drop out of high school and get my GED.

Throughout my hardships in life I have only wanted the chance to focus all of my energies on academia in order to facilitate an academic focus conducive to my long-term career goals. I have been accepted to almost every school that I have applied to and am excited to announce that I will be studying at The University of California Berkeley. I will also study for my GRE and apply to graduate schools in the Middle East in the hopes of one day becoming a diplomat between the United States and other Near Eastern Countries.

Larkin Street has enabled me to reach and exceed my academic dreams.

Through Larkin Street’s healthcare, housing, and educational initiatives I have had access to a stable atmosphere. Having a roof over my head and supportive staff I have acclimated into a society and have the tools and skills needed in order to thrive. Whereas once my main focus was to find my next meal, it has now evolved to my next educational endeavor. Whereas it was once “Where am I going to sleep tonight”, it is now “Where I am going to study?” Truly, without Larkin Street I wouldn’t be here today.