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Andrew Guggenhime

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Andrew Guggenhime is currently the President and Chief Financial Officer at Vaxcyte. His impressive 30-year career in biotech and financial services includes broad leadership expertise across strategy, Finance, operations, investor relations, and corporate development. Throughout his career, Andrew has set a course to achieve audacious goals, and his strategic, long-term vision has proven essential in the success of the companies at which he has held notable leadership roles. 

Andrew joined Vaxcyte in May 2020 as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer and was quickly promoted to President and Chief Financial Officer in January 2021. Andrew is responsible for Finance, Communications, Investor Relations, Corporate Development, Human Resources, I.T., and Facilities in this role. His leadership has been instrumental in the company achieving numerous milestones. Andrew led Vaxcyte through its I.P.O. in June 2020 and four strategic follow-on equity financings totaling $2.5 billion in gross proceeds. With each subsequent financing round, Vaxcyte has shown continued share price appreciation and has received strong support from high-quality new and existing investors, irrespective of overall and biotech market conditions. As of March 2024, the company’s stock price has increased by more than 350%. Its market capitalization has grown from approximately $750 million to over $8 billion since its I.P.O., speaking to the value of its business, technology platform, late-stage clinical programs, and market opportunity. Notably, Vaxcyte’s most recent equity financing in February was the largest overnight biotech follow-on offering since 2015, raising $862.5 million in gross proceeds. As of December 31, 2023, Vaxcyte reported cash, cash equivalents, and investments of $1.2 billion, excluding approximately $816.5 million in net proceeds from the February public offering. 

  Andrew has also led the scaling of the Finance department and other functions for which he is responsible, including hiring and developing teams and implementing or enhancing processes and systems. This was done to support the transition of the organization from private to public status, research to clinical stage, and its growth from less than 50 employees when he joined to more than 300 today. The significant equity financings and the organizational scaling have further strengthened Vaxcyte’s capabilities to advance its pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) candidates, VAX-24 and VAX-31, which are designed to prevent invasive pneumococcal disease (I.P.D.) in adults and children. Vaxcyte is well positioned to build a potentially best-in-class PCV franchise, advancing toward Phase 3 clinical studies and manufacturing scale-up while supporting the organization’s rapid growth to advance these initiatives and the rest of the pipeline of novel vaccines. Andrew, along with the co-founders and other leaders at Vaxcyte, recognized the potential to disrupt the status quo and build a Company that strives to overcome the limitations of conventional, cell-based vaccine approaches by using advanced chemistry and modern synthetic techniques – including the XpressCF™ cell-free protein synthesis platform – to produce broad-spectrum vaccines that are uniquely capable of breaking down bacteria’s complex defense mechanisms while preserving immunogenicity. 

  Andrew has played an important role in helping shape Vaxcyte into the mission-driven company it is today, with the potential to profoundly impact public health by developing life-saving vaccines to address serious bacterial infections. As a champion of Vaxcyte’s vibrant culture, Andrew has encouraged collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to this mission. He has played a significant role in building an extraordinary team and recognizes that the company’s success is tied to the strength and well-being of its people. During the fast-paced growth at Vaxcyte, Andrew has remained focused on ensuring that the company’s workforce continues to grow and thrive. 

  Andrew’s contributions to his field before joining Vaxcyte deserve notice as well. He served as Chief Financial Officer of Dermira, Inc. through its acquisition by Eli Lilly and Company. During his tenure at Dermira, Andrew successfully led a series of private, public, and alternative financings. He helped scale the company through its I.P.O. and transition into a commercial-stage organization. Previously, Andrew served as Chief Financial Officer at several fast-growing biotech companies, including Calistoga Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which was acquired by Gilead Sciences, Inc., and Facet Biotech Corporation, which Abbott Laboratories acquired. Earlier in his career, Andrew served as Chief Financial Officer of PDL BioPharma, Inc. until Facet Biotech was spun off from PDL BioPharma. Before joining PDL BioPharma, he was Chief Financial Officer of Neoforma, Inc., which Global Healthcare Exchange, L.L.C. acquired. 

 Throughout Andrew’s illustrious career, his financial leadership and strategic vision have driven fiscal success and contributed vitally to the growth and sustainability of the companies he has served.