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Chitra Balasubramanian

Emerging Company

Chitra Balasubramanian is currently Chief Financial Officer and Head of Finance / General & Administrative Expenses at CircleCI. As one of two females on the C-suite at CircleCI, her decision-making skills and poised, resilient leadership style have led the company through major wins to establish itself as a leader in its space.

Prior to CircleCI, she was with RetailNext for 6 years. From February 2011 to July 2015, Chitra Balasubramanian served as Director of Finance, Strategy, & Analysis, as well as VP of Business Analytics, and then from 2015-2017, she was the VP, Head of Finance & Accounting. 

Chitra Balasubramanian has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, from University of California, Berkeley and a MBA in Finance from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Balasubramanian has overseen extensive company growth during her time at CircleCI. As of 2022, CircleCI has 441 employees, compared to 250 employees at same time in 2020. With more than 20 years’ experience accelerating business growth through data analysis, Chitra Balasubramanian is best known for scaling technology start-ups. She served as a critical component in investor relations and fundraising alongside CircleCI’s CEO and has led the company through multiple rounds of financing, raising more than $215 million throughout her tenure.