Elena Gomez Company: Zendesk

Elena Gomez

Finalist for Public Company – Small to Medium

As chief financial officer of Zendesk, Elena brings an unparalleled knowledge of the SaaS business model and a proven ability to build teams at a company poised for enormous growth.

Throughout her two decade career in finance at Fortune 500 companies including Visa and Charles Schwab, Elena has built a track record of strategic financial leadership. Prior to Zendesk, Elena spent five years at Salesforce building a world class finance operation. She currently brings her experience in managing global growth and scaling finance operations to Zendesk as it broadens its enterprise reach and expands its product portfolio. Elena is also instrumental in growing the company from just over $300 million in revenue for the year ended 2016, the year she started, to nearly $600 million in revenue for the year ended 2018.

Elena holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to her day to day job at Zendesk, she also serves as an audit committee chair for fast growth technology companies like Smartsheet and PagerDuty. When not in the office, Elena has her hands full at home and enjoys spending time with her husband and their two young daughters. She loves to travel and enjoys trying new cuisines from around the world.