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Joo Mi Kim

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Joo Mi Kim is Qualys’ Chief Financial Officer, a position she accepted in 2020 after returning to the organization as Vice President of FP&A and Investor Relations from 2016 to 2018. This is a trend in Ms. Kim’s career, as it marked yet another time when a former C.E.O. or C.F.O. recruited her back into a critical leadership role with expanded responsibilities. Ms. Kim has worked with two different C.E.O.s on two separate occasions and the same C.F.O./Finance executive on three separate occasions. 

As C.F.O. at Qualys, Ms. Kim has worldwide responsibility for all elements of the company’s finance organization, including Finance, accounting, investor relations, treasury, and tax. Ms. Kim’s second journey at Qualys as C.F.O. began in the heart of the pandemic in June of 2020 and unexpectedly took a tragic turn when, less than one year later, Philippe Courtot, the Company’s C.E.O. and leader for the past 20 years, stepped down due to health concerns. His leave of absence was decided a few days before Q4 earnings, with Sumedh Thakar, then President and C.P.O., taking over the interim C.E.O. position in February of 2021. Approximately a month after Mr. Thakar’s first earnings call with Ms. Kim, Mr. Courtot’s resignation was announced, and he passed away in June 2021. Significant executive team turnover (the first C.R.O. in the company’s history, new C.M.O., C.P.O., C.I.O., and CISO) and board composition change (the first time the company decided to split the Chairman role from C.E.O.; change in Chairman twice in addition to appointment of two new board members) followed during which time, Ms. Kim had to navigate decelerating growth (two years before rejoining Qualys, quarterly revenue Y/Y growth had decelerated from 23% to 12%; was able to reaccelerate back to 20% in Q2 2022) and how to lead the company to maintain its strong operating margin relative to peers (revenue reacceleration to 20% in Q2 2022 with EBITDA margin of 45%; although the company’s currently facing near-term growth challenges once again, Ms. Kim believes the company will no doubt be able to reaccelerate growth with balanced approach to growth and profitability). In addition, Ms. Kim also was successful in regaining support for Say-on-Pay within a year by formulating a robust shareholder engagement plan and working closely with Qualys Board of Directors to implement key changes to the executive compensation structure, followed by enhanced proxy disclosures in response to shareholder feedback (40% support in 2021 increased to 90% in 2022). Ms. Kim credits her team for their focused execution and her strong, strategic relationship with the current C.E.O., Mr. Thakar.

Ms. Kim was previously the C.F.O. of Impact, the world’s leading partnership management platform, and Aera Technology, a SaaS company focusing on Decision Intelligence that transforms how enterprises make and execute decisions for a year each. Noted above, Ms. Kim previously served as Vice President of FP&A and Investor Relations at Qualys and held various roles at Zynga, Anaplan, mLab, Foros, JP Morgan, and Ernst & Young. Ms. Kim holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago and an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Kim is known at Qualys for her strong financial foresight and leadership, and she has leaned on her success as a result of her drive and perseverance, honed from being raised by parents who led by example, instilling accountability and strong work ethic after immigrating to New Jersey. Ms. Kim prioritizes clarity and alignment for her team, making her expectations and the team’s core values crystal clear through constant communication with her direct reports. This approach has helped her grow as a leader. Despite her many accomplishments, Ms. Kim remains humble, exemplifying the advice of Qualys’ late visionary C.E.O., Mr. Courtot: “It’s not about what you know, but what you are willing to learn. “Looking ahead, Ms. Kim strives to continue to support her team at Qualys and the community through mentoring and coaching the next generation of leaders.