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Steve Pantelick

Public – Small Company

Steve Pantelick is the Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.) of PubMatic, where he has been a key executive since joining the company in 2011. With over 20 years of experience driving growth and profitability, Steve has a well-earned reputation for strategic financial leadership. His career spans multiple industries, where he has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to enhance operational efficiency and financial performance. Known for his strategic insight, Steve is instrumental in guiding PubMatic’s financial strategies, contributing significantly to the company’s expansion and success in the competitive digital advertising landscape.

Before his role at PubMatic, Steve was the C.F.O. of Aggregate Knowledge, a data management platform company. His tenure at Aggregate Knowledge showcased his ability to manage complex financial operations and support the company’s innovative data solutions. Before this, Steve was the C.F.O. of Ofoto/Kodak Gallery, a pioneer in the online photo-sharing space. At Kodak Gallery, Steve was responsible for overseeing Finance, printing, and customer service operations, where he successfully scaled the company’s operations to serve millions of users globally.

Steve’s leadership qualities are further highlighted by his significant contributions at Blockbuster, Inc., where he held various high-impact roles. As the C.O.O. of Blockbuster’s New Media Division and Senior Vice President of U.S. Financial Operations, he managed financial operations for thousands of retail locations. He was pivotal in taking the company public in 1999. His strategic planning and operational expertise were also evident during his tenure at Cadbury Schweppes, where he held several roles, including Vice President of Finance for Dr. Pepper/7Up and Planning Director for Schweppes Europe.

Educationally, Steve’s strong academic background includes an M.B.A. from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College. This solid foundation in business education has equipped him with the analytical skills and strategic mindset necessary for effective financial leadership. His academic achievements are a testament to his dedication and intellectual rigor, which he continues to apply professionally.

As a leader, Steve is known for his collaborative approach, integrity, and commitment to excellence. He has a proven track record of fostering teamwork and driving innovation, qualities that have been crucial to PubMatic’s growth. His ability to balance strategic vision with operational detail makes him a highly effective C.F.O. Under his financial stewardship, PubMatic has achieved significant milestones, enhancing its market position and delivering value to stakeholders. Steve’s leadership inspires confidence and drives success at PubMatic, reinforcing his reputation as a distinguished leader in the financial and digital advertising sectors.