Tony Duong – HealthRIGHT 360

Tony Doung

Non-Profit Organization

As the Chief Financial Officer for HealthRIGHT 360, Tony is responsible for the organization’s financial functions including: resource planning, strategic innovation, business development, new business opportunities, treasury management, accounting, audits, and reporting.

HealthRIGHT 360 serves over 45,000 clients a year by providing high-quality, no-cost healthcare to Californians living below the poverty line. Tony makes this a reality by spearheading investment in strategic innovations, consistently creating new business opportunities, and expertly navigating obtuse and antiquated federal and state revenue streams that are subject to a highly politicized policy landscape.

Under Tony’s stewardship, HealthRIGHT 360 opened its flagship Integrated Care Center in 2017, bringing 50,000 square feet of medical, dental, mental health, addiction services to the heart of San Francisco. Tony orchestrated the planning, renovation, and financing to create a state-of-the art facility funded through New Market Tax Credit allocations of $51MM. Additionally, Tony has navigated the organization through six mergers, grown the budget year-over-year, and improved organizational infrastructure and sustainability, while simultaneously preserving unique, specialized services for people most in need.

Tony has led HealthRIGHT 360 through numerous endeavors to strengthen and grow the organization financially, increasing the budget to $150MM annually. In December 2019 HealthRIGHT 360 refinanced $50MM in debt through a bond issuance underwritten by Barclays; this first-ever issuance of U.S. municipal Social Bonds for a non-profit, featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. HealthRIGHT 360, under Tony’s leadership, determined that projects to be financed and/or refinanced with bond proceeds were social projects based on the social benefits of addressing drug addiction and homelessness.  The Social Bonds designation was intended to generally comport with The Social Bond Principles promulgated by the International Capital Market Association.

 With nearly 20 years of experience in nonprofit healthcare administration, Tony has distinguished himself as a visionary leader, an instrumental member of HealthRIGHT 360’s executive team, and an invaluable partner to the organization’s CEO. Tony remains undaunted by crises, and never loses sight of the organization’s purpose to provide the best quality health care, to the greatest number of people who need it.

Tony has previously served as Interim Executive Director for Asian American Recovery. He was also instrumental in facilitating the 2013 merger between Asian American Recovery Services and HealthRIGHT 360, having held various key positions within both organizations. Tony is on the board of trustees of the Nonprofits Benefits Trust and holds a Masters in Accounting and a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, both from Golden Gate University.